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I’ve been using The Glasshouse monolithic crowns for almost a year now and am delighted with the results. The fits are excellent and I find the aesthetics superior to metal-ceramic crowns. This should hold true into the future as there is no metal to cause marginal shadow. 

There is no need for an aggressive prep. and the option of endo management is useful. I get a reliable bond using Rely-X Unicem cement from 3M Espe.

Economy is not a major consideration for me but it can be a factor for others, and as such the lab cost must be regarded as favourable. 

Most important, my patients love them.

Richard H Blyth.


Dear Glasshouse,

I am writing to thank you for the Zirconia crowns we’ve started placing from you.

The marginal fit of the teeth has been great, also exhibiting great strength in thin section.

Tissue tolerance is excellent, and the lack of metal substructure means better aesthetics gingivally.

Keep up the good work!



Adrian Ripley